Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental Care in Clarksville, TN 

A lifetime of optimal oral health begins with good education and professional preventive care during childhood. At Brannen & Yarbrough Family Dental Center, Drs. Jay Yarbrough and James Brannen strongly encourage parents and guardians to bring their children into our warm and friendly practice so that our team can provide a positive experience to get them started on the right track. 

clarksville kids dentist teaching children how to brush teeth and take care of their teeth.Our Clarksville team is committed to providing gentle and comprehensive dental care that helps young patients feel comfortable and confident when visiting us for treatment. We offer an initial first appointment we like to call “A Happy Visit,” where children are invited to join mom or dad on their appointment so that they can see for themselves exactly what going to the dentist is all about. Call our Montgomery County office today to schedule your child’s happy visit with us today! 

The Importance of Child-Friendly Dental Care 

Early prevention is the key focus of our dental care with children. By implementing parent and patient education paired with strong but child-friendly communication, we can instill proper oral hygiene habits in your child at a young age. Consistent treatment also helps set a standard that your child can maintain with confidence as they become more independent. We understand how oral health and overall health connect, so we take the time to help every patient we see understand how important it is to maintain both. 

We proudly see patients as young as five and six years of age for their routine dental cleaning and examination. Scheduling your child’s oral health visit on a consistent basis allows us to monitor their oral and dental health development and detect any potential issues early. 

Some of our treatment options include:

Oral Health Education - Drs. Yarbrough and Brannen take the time to help parents and children better understand the true value of strong oral health home routine. We show them the correct, and fun way to take care of their teeth at home, and count on you to encourage maintaining that enthusiasm. 

Prevention and Cavity Control - We work with you to come up with creative suggestions for snacks and drinks that will help protect against decay. We also provide fluoride and sealant treatments for children in need of current cavity control.

Monitoring of Smile Development - As children grow, it is vital to monitor the proper development of their teeth. If any orthodontic treatment is needed it is always a good idea to get started earlier rather than later. 

Pediatric Dentistry in Clarksville

Our friendly dentists, Dr. Jay Yarbrough, and Dr. James Brannen offer a wide variety of preventive, child-accommodating dental care services personalized to address the many unique needs of their developing smiles. If you are a parent or guardian looking for skilled, compassionate and comprehensive dental care for your child, contact Brannen & Yarbrough Family Dental Center today!


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